Corporate Profile

SinaSoft Corporation is an advanced, aggressive and result oriented Software Engineering company in Iran. SinaSoft Corporation is the largest Software Engineering organization in Iran, and a leading supplier of Application, Application Development and Deployment Technology and support services to business, industry, government and the private sector. SinaSoft marked its 26th anniversary in 2011. The company's heritage is a proud one-full of achievements that helped shape today's dynamic software industry.

Our Mission

SinaSoft mission is to provide solutions to expedite and facilitate business processes, and to provide means to improve overall productivity. Summary of Objectives Provide superior software applications Provide excellent training for SinaSoft software Products Provide excellent customer support Provide state of art methods for systems "connectivity"

Our Products

SinaSoft has developed and launched software products for the Iranian market such as: Sayeh, Pishkar, Zarnegar for Dos & Zarnegar for Windows, Zar2Image, MS Project with Shamsi Date & Farsi support, Paradox, Windows 3.1 With Farsi capabilities, Windows 95 With Farsi capabilities, Payvand, Kelk (Winner of best software product at GITEX 95), Cross Word Puzzle builder, Nasher, Garce and Payvazh as latest product.

Our Markets

We sell our products and services to private and government organizations in the world. Our customers include major businesses, various government organizations, universities, and the general public. At SinaSoft, we strive to deliver quality, value and service – something that our many satisfied clients and partners can vouch for. As we look back on the accomplishments of earlier years, we contemplate the bright future that lies ahead.

Looking Ahead

SinaSoft continues to advance the capabilities of all Its product lines. Especially, we intend to enrich our Internet/Intranet Sites and help companies, universities and the general public to see what interactive database transactions via the Internet/Intranet can mean to their bottom line. Additionally, SinaSoft plans - through strategic alliances - to provide products and solution-oriented technology to enable businesses in the Middle East to Increase market share profitability and customer satisfaction. We aim to carry our success beyond the borders of any specific country, where our expertise, experience and cost effectiveness shall make us a suitable candidate.

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