Nasher is a multi purpose application and has many useful features that makes it a powerful software.Nasher can be helpful to a wide range of users to design their Documents and Artworks. Kelk users can use Nasher to add Frames, Images, PDF files, Texts, Drawings, ... to their Kelk artworks. User can use Nasher to add many dynamic elements like PDF, Image, Text, Drawings to his document. Dynamic elements can be defined such that their appearance and behavior will be changed along the document, based on many events that occur while each page is being displayed, printed or generated as PDF for output.

One of the most important digital document fields that Nasher enables user to do his job very fast and accurate is designing various types of business and personal desktop calendars.Elements inserted to Nasher can be defined to be displayed in All, Selected or Calculated pages by inserting it only once. Also elements can be tightly dependant on the other elements and act differently based on the situation of the other elements. Nasher can be used to Imposition layout every PDF document too.

Nasher accepts PDF, Images as insertable elements and its output is PDF.