Garcé is Microsoft Word powered with Kelk. Microsoft Word has too many limitations that makes it impossible to create a sophisticated and beautiful documents for Farsi/Arabic. Ligatures, Kerning and Diacritics Position along with beautiful designed traditional and calligraphic fonts are the most important features that Microsoft has forgotten to add to Microsoft Word. Garcé has eliminated these limitations to help Microsoft team to spread their word processor in Farsi/Arabic countries.

Full Diacritics, Fully Diacritics colorizing, Fully customizable Keyboard Layout, Full customizable Ligature, Space factor, Other types, Movements tools, Kashidah Tools, Separated Dots for all fonts to fully customize Dots positions, Saving Dot positions & Kerning as defaults, Different shapes of numbers (Farsi/Arabic/Hollow), Special Vertex number font, SDK to add you own fonts are only some of Garcé features that makes it different than Microsoft did.